Taking a Patient-Centered Approach to Healthcare Tech

Taking a Patient-Centered Approach to Healthcare Tech

Posted Jan 14, 2022 from

Medicine and technology have always gone hand-in-hand. This fact has perhaps never been more apparent today, with some of the most powerful and innovative technologies, from robotics to artificial intelligence (AI) to Big Data are proliferating in the modern healthcare industry to fight disease and save lives. But perhaps the greatest advantage of this happy marriage of medicine and technology is in healthcare tech’s capacity to facilitate and dramatically enhance patient-centered care. Indeed, though it may seem somewhat paradoxical, modern machines are increasingly restoring the humanity of healthcare. 

Perhaps one of the best examples of technology’s role in enhancing patient-centered care can be found in the ascendancy of telehealth and telemedicine. Thanks to the advent of remote care technologies in telemedicine, more patients than ever before can enjoy consistent access to high-quality medical care. And this means that traditionally underserved and marginalized patient populations such as the elder, the disabled, and those without reliable transportation to medical appointments are at last able to build long-standing relationships with trusted healthcare providers. This includes the ability for patients to receive on-demand care when they need it without ever leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.

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