From the CereCore CIO Cohort: 4 Takeaways on IT Optimization

From the CereCore CIO Cohort: 4 Takeaways on IT Optimization

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Hospital and health system peers from across the nation gathered for the quarterly CereCore CIO Cohort discussion led by Peyman Zand, Vice President of Advisory Services at CereCore. The topic for the group is a popular one: IT Optimization and the unique challenges it presents in healthcare.

Healthcare CIOs agree that IT optimization plays a key role in maintaining IT standards within their respective organizations especially as it relates to the organization’s overall business objectives supporting digital transformations. After all, digital access and telehealth is growing even more central to patient care. How CIOs accomplish these initiatives while maintaining high performing systems and compliance is where the biggest takeaways come in.

What is clear from the CereCore CIO Cohort is that health system CIOs are facing tremendous change and must optimize to move forward. As technology continues to evolve and patient-centric solutions become the central focus, it is important that IT teams both big and small work together to ensure that everyone is practicing at the top of their capabilities. Strategic decision making, specialization of roles, collaboration with other industry execs and realization that there’s not a one-size fits all approach are keys to maximizing IT in today’s everchanging landscape. 

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