How Healthcare Is Leveraging Real-World Data to Improve Outcomes

How Healthcare Is Leveraging Real-World Data to Improve Outcomes

Posted Dec 19, 2020 from

Defined by the FDA as data relating to patient health status or healthcare delivery routinely collected from a range of sources, real-world data is increasingly being used in clinical decision-making. Organizations are leveraging EHR data, patient registries, and mobile device information to better understand trends and outcomes, leading to improved care delivery.

During the current pandemic, this information has become all the more valuable. Real-world data can help inform leaders about anything from high-risk patient populations on the impact of measures like social distancing. It’s an invaluable resource, but like any data-related strategy in healthcare, it comes with several hurdles.

For starters, the breadth of this data can easily overwhelm entities without the tools or capacity to make sense of it. And even if they do have what they need to draw comprehensive conclusions from this information, quickly executing an efficient response is another task entirely.

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