Consumers Want a Better Way to Pay for Healthcare

Consumers Want a Better Way to Pay for Healthcare

Posted Feb 23, 2021 from

“Physicians and health systems lost billions in revenue during the first few months of 2020, and barriers to positive consumer experiences, like unwieldy payment processes or handwritten registration procedures, can diminish patients’ loyalties to their healthcare providers.”

Health systems should make it easier for patients to pay for care, since “a significant portion of provider revenue,” covering 9% of patients, was vulnerable in 2020 thanks to poor customer experiences. Surprisingly, patients weren’t finding it financially challenging to pay, but getting the right information to make a payment was the challenge. Further, more than half (54%) of consumers said they want to manage their upcoming provider payments digitally.

According to the survey, “patient loyalty is highly dependent on how consumers perceive their customer experiences: When offered a choice between a familiar healthcare provider and a competitor with services that improved their overall consumer experiences, many patients would choose the latter.”

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