Pushing Patient Engagement Farther

Pushing Patient Engagement Farther

Posted Mar 22, 2021 from

Healthcare-provider organizations always are looking for more and better ways to engage with their patients in efforts to improve care delivery and patient outcomes. It is important for caregivers to have full and active partners in patients for successful healthcare.

Data can help a provider organization better understand its patient population. For example, an organization can assess a patient’s financial profile and determine if a custom payment plan may be best to better acknowledge their unique financial situation.

But all of the vital information and data required to supercharge patient-engagement technologies traditionally live in separate, disparate systems of record, apps, and platforms. That is why it is critical for healthcare organizations to continue to prioritize interoperability between their patient engagement technologies and other existing technologies (for example, the EHR) or soon-to-be-used technologies (for example, apps), she said.

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