Experts Share 2021 Digital Health Predictions

Experts Share 2021 Digital Health Predictions

Posted Mar 5, 2021 from

With millions back in stringent lockdowns due to the new rampant coronavirus variant, and the roll-out of a monumental global vaccination program - it's likely that 2021 will be another seismic year for digital health. Healthcare IT News speaks to health leaders about their predictions for the uncertain 12 months ahead. We hear about the impact it will have on NHS primary care, the increase of mental health virtual care and the growing concerns over health data security.

General Practice is rising to one of the greatest challenges the NHS has ever faced. Building on the huge strides we have made in digital access, total triage, and remote consultations, 2021 holds exciting opportunities to help us deliver more flexible, coordinated, personalized care.

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  • Experts Share 2021 Digital Health Predictions

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