Four Steps to Make Telehealth Here to Stay

Four Steps to Make Telehealth Here to Stay

Posted Apr 1, 2021 from

Today’s healthcare consumers are more in touch with their care than ever before and demand convenience, speed, and transparency with their medical records. As a result, telehealth has gained widespread popularity over the last several years.

Now, telehealth is much more than just a quick video chat with a physician. Telehealth 2.0 is here – and virtual care has become an extension – or even a replacement – of in-person health services.

Online patient care coordination relies on a network of systems that work together in addition to proper education and support for those who require it. Ultimately, its success relies on technology to help healthcare organizations seamlessly move from a face-to-face patient experience to a remote one.

Devices connected to the “Internet of Medical Things” as well as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and data analytics tools are susceptible to hacking due to security vulnerabilities.

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