The Future of Telehealth After the Pandemic

The Future of Telehealth After the Pandemic

Posted Mar 24, 2021 from

Remote appointments are already starting to make our lives safer. Particularly for those in rural communities who may not have immediate access to doctors, telehealth means that medical professionals can visually assess conditions and give advice.

Telehealth is also already serving patient safety from a data protection standpoint. Records that are purely digital and appointments that are virtual eliminate the potential for physical files to be left open for unauthorized viewing or for sensitive discussions to be overheard.

Remote appointments will be a key tool for this both now and in the future. Telehealth platforms are not just useful for examinations, they also allow for the immediate sharing of documentation and discussions on current research.

Telehealth is becoming more accessible to both medical facilities and patients. The pandemic has seen telehealth uptake improve, and patients have begun to understand the advantages it offers.

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