Modernizing Healthcare IT: Lessons From CMS, CDC, and NIH

Modernizing Healthcare IT: Lessons From CMS, CDC, and NIH

Posted May 4, 2021 from

Healthcare consumers are increasingly expecting simpler, faster, and easier ways to interact with providers and retrieve their healthcare information. Healthcare organizations must evolve their IT operations to meet these patient expectations while operating more efficiently in a digital-first world.

Technology is only one part of the answer. Deciding on the right cloud provider, negotiating a contract, and having in place the proper cloud management solutions to govern cloud use are key pieces of adoption, but people and process have a dramatic impact on every organization’s success in the cloud.

Fortunately, healthcare organizations can look to familiar partners to learn how to modernize their IT infrastructure through cloud adoption: the U.S. CMS, the CDC, and the NIH. In each case, these federal institutions focused on three areas to achieve successful cloud adoption: human-centered design, agile methodology, and training and upskilling.

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