6 of the Best Telehealth Practices to Implement

6 of the Best Telehealth Practices to Implement

Posted Apr 15, 2021 from

Telehealth encompasses several forms of communication, such as phone calls, video conferencing, conducting virtual visits, and even monitoring patients remotely. To give your patients the best possible experience, you need to account for as many telehealth methods as you can.

The most important thing you need to do is protect patient information. As you will be sending out sensitive information over the internet, it’s essential that you take proper care to manage the security of this information.

Providing telehealth services requires modern technology equipment. If your office is running older equipment, now is the time to upgrade. For example, you’ll want devices that can handle video calls, including a high-quality camera and a stable internet connection.

If your medical practice doesn’t already offer telehealth services, now is the perfect time to add them. For those of you that already offer telemedicine, spend some time reviewing how it operates.

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  • 6 of the Best Telehealth Practices to Implement

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