Understanding EHR Documentation Assistants, Voice Assistants

Understanding EHR Documentation Assistants, Voice Assistants

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EHR documentation was originally devised to record clinical information as provider notes in real-time during a consultation, evaluation, imaging, or treatment, ultimately to share patient data between providers.

Although the shift from paper to digital EHR documentation produced useful and legible notes, it is a primary cause of clinician burden, due to information overload and more extensive amounts of text that are not always relevant to patient care.

EHR documentation methods are evolving to meet clinician needs. An EHR scribe tool is a recently developed documentation tool aimed at alleviating burden and reducing the use of a human scribe.

While some EHR-implemented dictation tools can put notes into the incorrect place, Dicke said this well-designed tool is easy to implement, and the notes are documented in a clean, easy-to-read interface in the EHR.

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  • Understanding EHR Documentation Assistants, Voice Assistants

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