Strategies for EHR Documentation During Telehealth Visits

Strategies for EHR Documentation During Telehealth Visits

Posted Apr 24, 2021 from

Telehealth has become a widespread option for patient care. But with clinician burden — primarily due to excessive EHR use — quickly swelling, health IT experts are looking for ways to streamline EHR documentation.

When clinicians record patient information as provider notes in real-time during a patient encounter, EHR documentation helps clinicians share patient data among health providers.

Integrating a telehealth platform into the EHR and patient portal can reduce clinician burden and ease documentation. And when patients have convenient access to telehealth, it can reduce travel for patients and enhance patient flexibility.

Furthermore, EHR integration automates data entry and eliminates the need to enter the same patient information more than once.

After the telehealth visit is over, the clinician can create a summary of the visit. Without integration, the clinician must enter the same information into the EHR and the disparate telehealth solution.

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