Healthcare Without Boundaries

Healthcare Without Boundaries

Posted Sep 27, 2021 from

A thriving ecosystem for healthcare not only enables transmission of a large quantity of information but also has mechanisms to ensure that information is of high quality. In today’s healthcare ecosystem, the signal is often lost in the noise, especially for individual clinicians trying to piece together a patient’s story from hundreds of pages of cut-and-pasted notes.

We know that information overload is a driver of burnout for clinicians. Clinicians need tools that curate the most relevant information and take on some of the burden of sifting through vast quantities of data.

This is a critical capability now, when the primary demand for information sharing is between institutions of care — doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, other ambulatory sites of care, and payers. It becomes even more important as we start to see greater demand for integration of patient-generated health data from apps, personal health records, and connected devices.

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