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It can often take months of intensive research to find and purchase the right digital health solutions, healthcare IT products and services, and medical devices. With the cost of these items skyrocketing, no one wants to make the wrong decision.

That’s where peer decision support networks come in. Just like pharmaceutical researchers do not publish their own clinical findings without peer reviews, good senior executives at health systems do not make major purchasing decisions without speaking to peers.

A Peer Network is an extensive group of industry leaders who have experience in areas that can benefit your organization.

How Do you Find the Right Software for your Organization?

With so much money spent on new software, any medical facility can suffer in numerous ways if they select the wrong one. Often, these hospital administrators will pick up the phone and call associates who use the same software trying to get honest feedback.

In the past, this was the only way that decision makers had to learn what they needed to know about digital health tools. But today, there’s a much better method. It’s Medigy.

Medigy creates a vibrant community of Clinicians, Patients, Developers, Healthcare Vendors and other stakeholders in the healthcare space. It’s a place where FHIR® enthusiasts can discover and share dozens of the latest interoperable healthcare solutions on one convenient platform.

Would Objective Advice Help?

At Medigy, users share their insights about products and trends, then we analyze these insights so that we can pinpoint the most impactful developments. The community helps to shape the direction of the healthcare industry.

With objective reviews of digital health devices, users can get a much clearer picture of these tools. Reviews and feedback can help decision makers to select the right digital healthcare tools and this can prevent them from making an expensive mistake.

The Medigy Platform unites users with the most innovative software to enable a quantitative analysis of digital health tools. Now you can make intelligent, informed decisions based on clearly defined objectives.

Whether you’re a buyer, a vendor, a patient, a developer or a clinician, this approach greatly simplifies the whole process of finding and purchasing the best open source and commercially available digital health software.

But there’s so much more to Medigy than that, such as Yelp-like reviews of structured, quantifiable data with links to more information. This community of users—some are professional curators—supply peer reviews that include vital information like:

  • What is the purpose of the device?
  • Who was it made for?
  • Would this software or health IT product work for my situation/patient?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this product?
  • What is the user experience like?

How Peer Networks Help?

Peer Networks drive decision-making among hospital CIOs. These CIOs want to hear from other users regarding what software products work best and what kinds of problems they can expect. This information not only saves time but it enables a CIO to learn important details.

Vendors will only give you their laundry list of reasons why you should buy their product. A peer who has had experience with the product will tell you everything they liked and disliked about it. It’s an honest evaluation of the product that reveals the true strengths and weaknesses of the product.

Many healthcare organizations are moving in the direction of relying more on Peer Networks when making costly decisions in multiple areas of their facility. It’s a more dependable way to get the truth about medical devices. You get the real low-down; not just the hype. And that’s a crucial factor for any healthcare organization about to spend millions of dollars.

Medigy Is A Multi-Functional Platform

Medigy is a crowd-sourced and peer network-based “Opportunity Intelligence” and “Buyer Intent Intelligence” platform. Buyers get access to rich content about the digital health products they’re looking for. Influencers have a new place to build and engage with a community around their areas of expertise.

Vendors and innovators have a reliable place where their product can be evaluated in a consistent and purposeful way. And this is an excellent avenue to engage with customers for feedback and requests.

Why Medigy?

For discovering and sharing quantitative evaluations of interoperable digital health products

Spend more time in evaluating than searching for interoperable digital health products

Unavailability of Accurate Product Insights

Current search for Digital Health Interoperability provides only very minimal information about products


Doing a product comparison is not easy in digital healthcare


No platform provides a consolidated view from user, vendor, customer, and integrator conduct quantitative evaluations


Lack of quantified expectations and evaluation scores means fewer objective sources of interoperability truth

Who We Serve

Actionable knowledge sharing requires collaboration by multiple stakeholders

Institutional Buyers & B2B Users
The individuals who can score and analyze FHIR® Interoperable products based on their product’s data exchange capability and customer satisfaction
Vendors & Innovators
The product owners, who shares information about their product’s interoperability standards, resources, evaluations, validations, etc.
Interoperability implementers who report/assert vendor provided information based on their hands on integration experience
Regulators & Influencers
Subject matter specialists, either internal to an organization or external vendors or partners, that can audit customer assertions against vendor claims
Patients & End Users
The Patients, Nurses, Physicians, and caregivers who are end users of the digital health products

An Evaluation Platform as a Service (PaaS)

HL7, FDA, AMA, AHA, NODE Health and others are in the standards setting and stakeholder convening business.
Netspective’s product is the Quantitative Expectations, Evaluations, and Evidence (QE3) Platform, which we offer as a Service (QE3aaS). Medigy is an instance of the QE3aaS, a specific deployment of our platform as a service (PaaS).
Our Expectations and Evaluations Platform is available as a service for white labeling and data ingestion into existing sites.
We provide a unified expectations and evaluations knowledgebase which can include custom questionnaires from experts such as HL7, ISO, AMA (xcertia), and others.

How We Help Buyers

Buyers are looking to purchase products that accomplish their goals and are easy to integrate within their existing infrastructure
Buyers need pseudo-objective vendor reputation scores to assess products
Buyers need a place to voice their opinions and share their experiences in an impactful way

How We Help Vendors and Innovators

Vendors and Innovators need a way to describe their product that expresses their impact to potential customers
Vendors and Innovators need to find and assess integration partners that can help increase their value to potential customers
Vendors and Innovators need structured customer feedback to make meaningful changes to their software and processes
Vendors and Innovators need a way to assess their reputation, and where possible, publish their reputation

How We Help Consultants and Integrators

Integrators need a way to identify new vendors to work with
Integrators need a way to market their products and services to a larger audience
Integrators need a way to assert a vendor’s integration capabilities

How We Help Influencers and Regulators

Influencers need a way to objectively understand market direction and be able to drive vendors and buyers towards that direction
Regulators need a way to verify that vendors are meeting industry and regulatory requirements
Regulators need a way to receive constant feedback on new standards from industry experts. “Continuous Connectathon”
HL7 and other standards organizations need to determine which products meet their standards

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