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About Us

We’re empowering pharmacy leaders with the technology they need to proactively mitigate the ongoing impacts of medication shortages. We achieve this through an intuitive data-unifying platform hospitals can deploy to efficiently and effectively respond to supply chain threats, while protecting their patients from harm. With decades of experience as pharmacy leaders, we experienced firsthand the frustrations and increasing severities of shortagesa problem growing more complex every day.

Existing tools were disparate, and time-consuming. Business processes were disconnected and lacked transparency. Data was available but required enormous efforts to operationalize. And patient care and safety was negatively impacted. Recognizing the need for a better way, we developed a platform that empowers pharmacy leaders to begin automating medication shortage management workflows in a way that truly reflects the needs of pharmacy departments.

  • OrbitalRX solution

    OrbitalRX solution

    OrbitalRX has teamed up with IBM® Watson Health to offer the pharmacy supply chain management capabilities of OrbitalRX with the evidence-based drug and disease content of Micromedex. This all-in-one …

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