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VigiLanz Vaccinate

Rapidly deploy and manage your hospital's COVID-19 mass vaccination events

Coronavirus Vaccine

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VigiLanz vaccinate provides end-to-end management of your entire vaccination process supporting mass vaccination events while managing organizational COVID-19 risk.

Analyze real-time reports related to vaccination rates and declination rates, adverse effects, and vaccinated staff who later contract COVID-19.

Automated reminders can be sent to employees regarding the need to make appointments, attend scheduled appointments, and report adverse events. Reminders can also be issued to remind employees to register for the second dose and attend those appointments.


  • Enable healthcare workers to easily register and provide consent.
  • Eliminate manual data entry and automate workflows for program administrators.
  • Reduce vaccine waste with real-time insights into volume needs based on scheduling and demand.
  • Gain real-time visibility into vaccination and immunity rates at the individual, department, hospital, and enterprise level.
  • Automate data collection for CDC and state reporting, including for adverse side effects.
VigiLanz Vaccinate