Edifecs: Value-Based Care

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Edifecs: Value-Based Care

Unify your clinical and financial data to deliver better care at a lower cost.

Value Based Healthcare

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Data silos and disparate systems are the barriers to transitioning from healthcare volume to healthcare value. In order to bend the cost curve and provide better quality care at a lower cost, health plans, ACOs and government agencies must turn siloed data into actionable intelligence. Healthcare value success requires the implementation of an innovative formula spanning three critical areas: clinical data integration, population monitoring, and the administration of risk-based programs and contracts.

Edifecs Value-Based Care is a single integration point for clinical, financial and administrative information received from disparate sources. The solution unifies end-to-end program management, identification of at-risk populations and evidence-based interventions to align program goals with care delivery operations.

Our approach delivers a turn-key solution to remove volume to value barriers by turning traditionally siloed data into usable intelligence for the entire enterprise.

Edifecs: Value-Based Care