KLAS: Clinician Burnout Is A Worldwide Problem

KLAS: Clinician Burnout Is A Worldwide Problem

Posted May 13, 2022 from

New research found that nurses and allied health professionals from around the globe were the most likely to report burnout symptoms.

Researchers found that clinicians in the Middle East report the highest EHR satisfaction, while European clinicians are the least satisfied. Interestingly, despite high rates of EHR satisfaction in the region, the Middle East also reported the highest percentage of burnout among allied health professionals, nurses and physician residents. "Among those clinicians in the Middle East who report at least some degree of burnout, the most commonly reported contributors often have to do with workload-related issues rather than EHR-related concerns," said researchers. "Training represents a significant opportunity for global organizations to improve the overall EHR experience, since clinicians at these organizations who strongly agree that their ongoing training is sufficient are 25 times more likely to be satisfied with their EHR than those who strongly disagree," wrote researchers.

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