Intermountain Partners with VC Firm General Catalyst on Innovation

Intermountain Partners with VC Firm General Catalyst on Innovation

Posted May 10, 2022 from

What You Should Know:

Intermountain Healthcare announced a strategic partnership with digital health venture capital firm General Catalyst that will involve jointly exploring opportunities to accelerate the shift to value-based care through digital and other solutions.

– As part of the collaboration, Intermountain and General Catalyst will leverage the Health Assurance Network, which is a group of tech innovation companies within General Catalyst’s investment portfolio that are dedicated to delivering focused solutions and collectively committed to helping transform the health industry into a more proactive, resilient, and equitable system of care. Health Assurance Network companies include Transcarent, Olive, Sprinter Health, Commure, and Cadence, among many others.

Partnership Benefits for Intermountain

It will establish a rigorous process for identifying and scoping specific needs, assessing and co-developing feasible and effective solutions, and scaling those solutions across the health system to drive positive outcomes. The Intermountain-General Catalyst collaboration builds on other transformative collaborations Intermountain has helped launch, including Civica Rx and Graphite Health, and has helped establish a new Digital Hippocratic Oath to improve hospital data interoperability and secure patient privacy rights.

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