Podcast - Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

Podcast - Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Industry

Posted Nov 27, 2021 from

In-Depth Interview with Protiviti Managing Director Matthew Jackson. He shares the implications of digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

Hello. This is Kevin Donahue with Protiviti, welcoming you to a new edition of Powerful Insights and our series on cybersecurity awareness. Protiviti has a series of webinars on cybersecurity awareness that, along with these accompanying podcasts, are intended to highlight ways organizations can be proactive in addressing these critical security challenges. We explore how leaders can dynamically build cyber resilience while maximizing value.

In the series, I’m talking to our cybersecurity leaders who are speaking on our webinars and are in the market working with organizations addressing these challenges. These webinars or podcasts and other content are available at protiviti.com/security.

With that, I’m pleased to introduce my guest today, Matthew Jackson. Matt is a managing director with our Security and Privacy practice out of Dallas. Matt, it’s great to speak with you today.

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