Innovation Evidence Trustworthiness

IL CoP | Community of Practice

Systematic approach to evaluating the trustworthiness of any innovation is key to achieving the goals in relation to patient care and satisfaction. Innovation practitioners at HDOs face persistent issues in accumulating the required knowledge around innovation evaluation. The absence of an evaluation framework can lead to implementation of technologies that make fraudulent claims. An evidence-based, peer-reviews-driven approach could be one such framework to evaluate the trustworthiness of innovations to drive the diffusion without jeopardizing the overall outcome.

This section will focus on:

1. Understanding of fraudulent health research and fake evidence in the innovation lifecycle.

2. How-to-guides on methodologies to identify such fraudulent claims through mathematical and other techniques such as the Benford’s law.

3. Case studies of implementation of fraudulent innovations that led to fatal outcomes and the lessons learnt thereby.

4. Strategic insights into fighting fake claims in adherence to the healthcare laws and regulations.