Hospital at Home


How can a healthcare organization achieve maximum kind of hospital-level care at home, improving outcomes, lowering costs, and improving patient care experience? Many hospitals are seeing the hospital-at-home model as a viable strategy to improve the value of in-home care as they reevaluate how and where they give treatment to patients. Now people who require inpatient care can receive it in comfort and privacy of their home rather than in a hospitalization. This form of care delivery has been found to lower costs, promote health, and increase patient outcomes. The actionable insights in this section will help solve current difficulties in Home Health Care Planning and Innovation, with articles highlighting the how-to guides for analyzing and successfully adopting this model’s innovative approach to create evidence-driven outcomes in care. The HaH CoP will illustrate how to use Medigy to assist modern-day HDOs in identifying and recording the rapidly changing scenario, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of the emerging innovation with clinical knowledge.