• Avera Home Health Care

    Avera Home Health Care

    Whether recovering from a major illness or living with a chronic health condition, you and your loved ones can benefit from home health care tailored to your needs. Take advantage of coordinated …

    Posted Jan 21, 2022 Home Health Care

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  • Dina Platform

    Dina Platform

    Dina™ is designed to facilitate collaboration in a modern, flexible, and integration-friendly manner. The platform unlocks data to identify the best post-acute and in-home care partners and provide …

    Posted Jan 20, 2022 Home Care Healthcare Artificial Intelligence

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  • Evernorth Home Solutions

    Evernorth Home Solutions

    Evernorth Home Solutions is a powerful offering brought to you by the combined services of eviCore healthcare + Alegis Care + Accredo + Health Plan Partners. The United States healthcare system is …

    Posted Jan 19, 2022 Home Health

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  • Jvion's Social Determinants of Health

    Jvion's Social Determinants of Health

    80% of any health outcome is determined by Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), including factors such as access to nutritious food, transportation, income levels, air pollution and social support. …

    Posted Jan 18, 2022 Social Determinants of Health

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  • INSTAMD Remote Patient Monitoring

    INSTAMD Remote Patient Monitoring

    RPM through InstaMD addresses management of basic health parameters for patient using real-time technology and data driven platform with integrated FDA Approved Medical Devices and added clinical …

    Posted Jan 18, 2022 Remote Patient Monitoring

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  • Netsmart Virtual Care

    Netsmart Virtual Care

    With virtual care solutions from Netsmart, organizations can expand where and how they provide care, as well as the range of services they offer. Our telemedicine technology supports videoconferencing …

    Posted Jan 17, 2022 Virtual Care

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  • Netsmart CareConnect

    Netsmart CareConnect

    CareConnect™ is an integration engine that empowers organizations to connect with other providers across all care settings. Using a single point of connection, organizations can achieve true …

    Posted Jan 17, 2022 Connected Care

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  • Experience Care Revenue Cycle Management

    Experience Care Revenue Cycle Management

    Optimized workflows and seamless integrations mean you can stop losing time and money with inefficient claims processing and start simplifying your workflows, maximizing your reimbursements, and …

    Posted Jan 17, 2022 Revenue Cycle Management

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  • Alls Opal

    Alls Opal

    Allscripts Opal is a digital health record (DHR) to accelerate organisation’s digital journeys, purpose-built with elegance, performance and flexibility to deliver better patient outcomes. It is …

    Posted Jan 15, 2022 Digital Health

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