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Your 2021 Medigy Innovator Awards badge and the embed code is showing in the table below.
Click on COPY button inside the code block to copy the code to clipboard.
  • Your 2021 Medigy Innovator digital trophy embeded code will be created here.

Guide to embedding Innovator digital trophy into your website.

You can embed your 2021 Medigy Innovator Awards badge onto your site by running through these three simple steps
    • Copy the HTML code for your badge
    • Go to your website’s content management system (CMS), navigate to the page that you want the badge on and access the HTML viewer
    • Paste the HTML into the source code of your page

Here are few sample messages you can use to promote your awards on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn share (API) does not support posting custom messages and so you will need to copy the sample messages using the "Copy" button and post directly from your LinkedIn account.