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About Us

Our mission is to use the power of shared knowledge to get everyone access to better, affordable healthcare. K Health leverages AI and expert clinicians to get you better care right from your phone.

Our app brings together millions of medical records to help quickly figure out what’s wrong. Our partners include the Mayo Clinic Platform, Maccabi Healthcare Services, and Anthem.

Get 24/7 access to doctors for less than a co-pay or urgent care visit, plus prescriptions, refills, free care for your kids, and more. Pay $23 each visit, or $12 a month for unlimited visits.

Our symptom checker is completely free and anonymous 100% of your information is private and protected. If you want to chat with a clinician, your results will help them get you care fast.

  • K Health Primary Care Solutions

    K Health Primary Care Solutions

    Chat with a primary care doctor without leaving your house. Manage current conditions and prevent future ones.

    Our smarter, faster, virtual intake process gets your doctors the info they need to care …

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