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Precision Medicine Informatics

Raise Your Data IQ with VisualStrata® VisualStrata is the only precision medicine informatics platform that uniquely integrates clinical, diagnostic and financial data, enabling healthcare professionals to gain insight, make decisions, and improve care and outcomes. Introducing VisualStrata Improve the efficiency of patient care coordination and discover actionable insights via a single informatics platform. VisualStrata is a comprehensive SaaS solution designed specifically for healthcare. ### Break Down Data Silos to Advance Precision Medicine With precision medicine’s use of unique patient genetic, proteomic, environmental and lifestyle characteristics to guide treatment decision making, ready access to that healthcare data is imperative.

Informatics & Technology

Informatics & Technology VisualStrata® is a HIPAA-compliant, SaaS-based informatics platform designed by bioinformaticists and data scientists, specifically for healthcare A Single Source of Truth VisualStrata is designed to collate structured and unstructured data from disparate systems into a single source. Using HL7-FHIR protocols, the system is interoperable via API with EMR, EHR, LIS and RIS platforms. Multi-modality data that can be managed and stored includes medical images (PACS, DICOM, non-DICOM) from radiology and pathology; diagnostic biomarkers (XML, VCF, BED, BAM); PDF; and text from clinical notes and conferences.

Strand Clinical Diagnostics

Comprehensive test range - from simple to highly specialized We have a large range of tests – spanning from the simplest automated biochemistry tests to the most advanced molecular and genetics tests. A test is only as good as the decision it helps you take. We take great efforts to support physicians through evidence based decision pathways and technological tools to help improve the quality of their clinical decisions. We are constantly on the lookout for new, specialised tests to add to our repertoire – with help from our in-house scientists, researchers and computer engineers.

Electronic Informed Consent Form - eICF

As the first stage in enrollment in a clinical trial, the consent form play a key role in patient engagement. Kayentis has chosen to add an electronic Informed Consent Form (eICF) to its eCOA solution to improve patient engagement from the moment of inclusion in a clinical trial. Simplifying e-consent, SecureConsent® – developed by our strategic alliance partner – offers an easy-to-understand consent form, with audio of the approved consent in the patient’s language, embedded information for specified concepts, and electronically captured handwritten signature capability.

Digital Pathology Consultation

Simplifying the Pathology Consultation Process with ProNet XIFIN ProNet delivers powerful private and public physician consultation capabilities including universal image management. In today’s interconnected world, the need for online consultation tools has never been greater. With patient-centric care models moving to the forefront, healthcare professionals need to work together on complex cases and share information across multiple disciplines, securely and efficiently. Pathologists seek secondary consults, but desire a faster, more responsive mechanism than sending glass from place to place.

Clarity Stack® Clinical Technology

Technology That Advances Your Trials We Will BUILD IT. While all clinical research trials are using some level of eClinical technology, the systems often operate in silos, making data collection, analysis and reporting cumbersome. Clinipace’s Clarity Stack® clinical technologies will simplify your data collection providing EDC to CTMS integration through a continuous flow of integrated information and a secure, holistic view of your clinical study progress. Clarity Flow, powered by Adaptive Clinical, improves clinical trial operations through interoperability, helping you make more informed decisions, improve compliance and identify issues faster.


####AdvancedMD Patient Messaging software lets you automatically send text & email messages. A simple, automated & integrated patient messaging system that anyone in your practice can use. It’s all about automation. Ongoing patient interactions can result in greater loyalty & bring in new revenue. Easily create personalized email & text templates for each campaign or reuse and modifies past templates for new campaigns. You can add data fields such as patient name and subject line to personalize each message.

WritePad™ EHR Solutions

Don’t settle for a system that forces you to change, implement an EHR program that works for you - not against you. With robust, customizable content and workflows easily tailored to your needs, WritePad™ EHR has an implementation rate of nearly 100percentage - the best in the industry. WritePad™ Content Modules WritePad™ Content Modules include the most robust, out-of-the-box content on the market for chiropractors, pain management doctors and rehab specialities.

Acurian Patient Enrollment

A comprehensive suite of services engineered to deliver enrollment certainty and study completion Patient Enrollment Solutions We offer three levels of study support, but they all center on one core philosophy: patients-first feasibility that delivers enrollment and budget certainty. We invert the traditional model of selecting sites as the enrollment strategy, and focus on maximizing patient delivery from highly accelerated and predictive centralized recruitment. We can also combine optimized enrollment with a best-in-class site network or deliver both of these together with full CRO services.


Customize Your Program To Drive Access TruPay is a next generation affordability assistance program that creates customized and targeted copay programs. Whether it’s a retail, specialty, or medical benefit product – we support the needs of your brand and patients. Increase Adherence Optimize Program Economics/ROI Improve Patient Engagement Reduce Abandonment Enhance Market Access