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Virual In-Homecare

Providing exceptional virtual care and monitoring 24/7 at home for seniors and families

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Virtual Caregiving is a unique way to provide monitored care for your loved-one. Virtual Caregiving is an excellent solution to enhance the care that is provided by your Amelia Home Care Caregiver, filling in the gaps when the caregiver is not on shift.

There’s an urgent need for a service that helps seniors live in their homes longer and more safely. Every home is different and every lifestyle is different, and solutions from other platforms simply aren’t smart enough to address these real-world challenges.

A new solution is needed that incorporates modern technologies to serve as a comprehensive safety net. We fix this with a remote care service that is the most intuitive in the world. It learns constantly to predict wellness-related concerns of people in the home, and it’s remarkably simple to setup and operate.


  • Aging and healing at home

  • Detects falls and inactivity inside the home

  • Keeping seniors at home longer (as opposed to a facility)

  • Low cost, highly effective

  • Compliments in-home care services

  • Private, non-intrusive, peace-of-mind

Virual In-Homecare