Sphygmo Telemonitoring System

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Sphygmo Telemonitoring System

The Sphygmo telemonitoring system allows you to save time, money, and more accurately manage your patients

Remote Patient Monitoring Telecare

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Sphygmo is much more than just a BP and glucose tracking application, it’s a full telemonitoring platform that allows you, as a healthcare provider, to remotely and securely monitor patient BP, heart rate, glucose, weight, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, and temperature.

Empower your patients to properly track their home BP measurements, which are prognostically superior to clinic BP readings. Using home BP telemonitoring in your practice saves up to 15 minutes per visit, allowing more patients to be seen, and increasing revenue.

Using our patent-pending Swipe Averaging™ feature, mean blood pressure and glucose are calculated instantly by simply clicking and dragging over the relevant calendar days. This eliminates the need to perform manual averaging of individual patient measurements, which is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Sphygmo Telemonitoring System