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ScienceSoft - Healthcare Data Analytics

ScienceSoft helps customers optimize clinical and business processes with healthcare analytics consulting services

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Healthcare data analytics is used to get actionable insights out of healthcare data to support fact-based decision-making. Having 32 years in data analytics and 16 years in healthcare.

Healthcare Data Warehousing

  • Design of a healthcare data warehouse and data marts to structure healthcare data for analytical querying and reporting.

  • Protected Health Information (PHI) storage.

  • Integrated storage of EHR/EMR, ERP, HR management systems data, data from public medical databases, R&D results data, etc.

Healthcare Business Intelligence

  • Operational analytics (staff scheduling optimization, facility maintenance, claims management, etc.).

  • Patient analytics (patient segmentation, patient journey analytics, treatment plans optimization, etc.).

  • Financial analytics (financial fraud detection, financial risk management, etc.).

  • Performance monitoring of the healthcare staff.

Healthcare Data Visualization

  • Real-time self-service operational dashboards (hospital admissions and load, EMR/EHR data, etc.).

  • Strategic interactive dashboards (key performance indicators, patient trends, hospital performance, etc.).

Big Data in Healthcare

  • Capture and storage of EHR/EMR data, medical device data, data from patient apps, portals, other patient-related data.

  • Real-time analytics of medical device data.

Predictive Analytics

  • Healthcare supply chain optimization and planning (ML-based demand forecasting, supplier risk management, etc.).

  • Disease management (ML-based prediction of patient readmissions, diagnosis validation, etc.).

ScienceSoft - Healthcare Data Analytics

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