7+1 Emerging Trends in Healthcare

7+1 Emerging Trends in Healthcare

Posted Oct 22, 2021 from

Recently, on The Medical Futurist, we sublimed two vast collections of healthcare trends. The TOP100 Digital Health Companies In 2021 assembled the most important companies in this field and put them onto one giant infographic. From startups through government authorities to prominent innovators, we determined four fields wherein these companies must excel: innovation, technology, business and dedication towards digital health.

Our next compilation was an even bigger undertaking: creating the Hype Cycle Of The Top 50 Emerging Digital Health Trends clearly indicated where a particular technology is at on its life cycle, and what are Dr Meskó’s expectations towards that technology. Our hype cycle shows 50 of the most promising digital health technologies the way we, at The Medical Futurist, see them today.

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