Reduce Medication Errors With Manufacturer-Enabled RFID

Reduce Medication Errors With Manufacturer-Enabled RFID

Posted Oct 22, 2021 from

Streamline your facility’s medication dispensing and tracking processes with manufacturer-enabled RFID technology.

Each year, millions of patients are affected by medication errors, resulting in tens of billions of dollars in unnecessary healthcare costs.1 To better manage common dispensing errors, many healthcare organizations now rely on radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies to help them monitor and track medications across the hospital. Yet Brianne Bakken, PharmD, MHA, Pharmacy Manager at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, said while many of those more traditional RFID automation technologies have helped pharmacists solve some problems, they’ve created others.

“When we first requested an automated RFID program, we said it should save the pharmacy department time as well as reduce errors, while also allowing us to track so we can know where all our kits and trays are and which may have expired meds,” Bakken explained. “Once we implemented the technology, it did achieve all of those needs. But there were also some unintended consequences. It introduced some new coding errors with our manual restocking process.”

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