6 Latest Hospital Lawsuits

6 Latest Hospital Lawsuits

Posted Oct 22, 2021 from

From a for-profit hospital operator seeking to have an antitrust case dismissed to hospital groups asking the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse a ruling, here are the latest hospital lawsuits making headlines. 

1. HCA moves to toss antitrust lawsuit
HCA Healthcare is seeking to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a group of Western North Carolina residents alleging the Nashville, Tenn.-based hospital operator engaged in anti-competitive tactics that resulted in higher prices.

2. Indiana health system must face Justice Department's false claims suit
A district court deniedIndianapolis-based Community Health Network's motion to dismiss a false claims lawsuit brought by the Justice Department alleging that it engaged in a fraud scheme to keep referrals in its network. 

3. Hospital groups urge Supreme Court to reverse 'dangerous' false claims ruling
Six hospital groups, including the American Hospital Association and Federation of American Hospitals, urged the U.S. Supreme Court to review and rectify a Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision they say will increase hospitals' exposure to False Claims Act lawsuits.

4. Hospital doesn't owe leave benefits to former nurses, Pennsylvania panel finds after 18-year case
A Pennsylvania appellate panel sided with Colmar, Pa.-based HealthSpark Foundation Oct. 13 in an 18-year battle that determined the health system did not owe a group of former nurses compensation and leave benefits.

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