Designing an Innovator Network for Hospitals with Amy Stevens

Designing an Innovator Network for Hospitals with Amy Stevens

Posted Oct 21, 2021 from

For long time listeners of this show, you know we’re in the business of helping entrepreneurs understand how to create use case alignment, how to get over the hump of defeating good marketers with a not so good solution, and how to get the right tools in the hands of people who need them. The hurdles involved with getting permission and building consensus around which new tech to bring in slows down diffusion and implementation of needed solutions.   

Well today we’re looking at a new platform that gets targeted information to health system leaders who are driving meaningful change in their organization. In this episode, Don and Shahid speak with Amy Stevens, Executive Vice President of Provider Solutions and Avia Connect at Avia. In addition to the platform, Amy also gives us an update from earlier episodes we did with David Smith, on the Medicaid Transformation Project and how the first couple of behavioral health and community health projects are going. Enjoy!

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