Hospital-at-Home Innovation During COVID-19 and Beyond

Hospital-at-Home Innovation During COVID-19 and Beyond

Posted Oct 21, 2021 from

For many years, we have not questioned the traditional wisdom of hospitalizing acutely ill people for medical care. But what if some acutely ill people could receive high-quality medical care in the comfort of their own homes? And what if that care actually led to better outcomes, reduced costs and enhanced patient experience?

What was once a small but mighty contingent of health care systems providing “hospital-at-home” care before the pandemic has grown into a larger movement. With this model, hospitals across the country are “admitting” patients to their own homes for acute care with excellent results. As highlighted in AHA’s recent issue brief on hospital-at-home, patients receiving this care have a 20% reduction in mortality, were three times less likely to be admitted to an emergency department than usual care patients and have higher satisfaction with their care. And these results are achieved at a 25% lower cost of care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a number of innovations in health care delivery that have the potential to positively alter how care is provided in the years ahead. Hospital-at-home is one of those promising models.

As we move into a new era of health care delivery, hospital-at-home is an innovative model for providing quality, person-centered care. It gives hospitals an opportunity to be leaders in this space and shape what health care can look like for years to come.

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