An Innovative Approach to Emergency Mental Health Care

An Innovative Approach to Emergency Mental Health Care

Posted Oct 21, 2021 from

At M Health Fairview in Minnesota, we’ve created a unique approach to emergency mental health care by using thoughtful design with evidence-based techniques. This pioneering new treatment model offers rapid, comprehensive care services in a calming environment and is improving care and outcomes for people with mental health issues.

EmPATH — or Emergency Psychiatric Assessment, Treatment and Healing — is designed to guide patients safely through a current crisis while building coping skills that will guide them through future challenges. Though it just opened in March, this unit is moving emergency mental health care in a new and exciting direction.

A Patient-Centric Model that Balances Safety and Patient Empowerment

EmPATH is a different approach to emergency mental health care. Everything — from the unit design to the evidence-based techniques our providers use — puts patients first.

The EmPATH approach is intended to address emergency mental health needs and improve patient outcomes. To accomplish this, each EmPATH is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of mental health specialists, including psychiatrists, licensed therapists and psychiatric nurses.

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