Patient Engagement Software Development: The Full Guide

Patient Engagement Software Development: The Full Guide

Posted Oct 2, 2021 from

Have questions about patient engagement platform development? Learn about its benefits, market trends, features, and much more in this guide.

As healthcare providers of all sizes are actively adopting custom patient engagement software in their practices the market is set to increase more than threefold by 2027. This growth is partly driven by patient demand. Indeed, research shows that more than a quarter of patients would switch to a new provider for better digital services. 

Patient engagement software delivers a seamless experience, from patient registration to post-visit feedback. But the benefits of modern engagement technologies aren’t limited to the patient side only—they offer plenty to providers as well. 

At Demigos, years of hands-on experience in full-cycle health tech development have shown us that patient engagement tools can transform healthcare practice. There’s a lot to consider before you take the leap, though. In this guide, we’re going to give you the lowdown on software benefits for both patients and providers, discuss the latest market trends, and suggest tips on patient engagement platform development—what features to add and how to overcome implementation challenges.

So let’s get started!

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