How to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates Using Technology

How to Reduce Hospital Readmission Rates Using Technology

Posted Oct 2, 2021 from

It’s hard to find a healthcare manager who doesn't want to reduce hospital readmission rates. Why? Readmission uses precious time and resources of the doctors and nurses. It is also a major expense category for any medical institution.

Consider this 

The average cost of readmitting one patient is $15,200. Multiply this number by the median readmission rate of 3.8 million (as it was in 2019 in the US), and you can understand how costly this issue is for hospitals. 

No wonder healthcare providers look for ways to reduce readmissions using automated technology. They want to ensure that patients get sufficient care and minimize the risk that they may need to come back to a hospital room.

Specializing in healthtech, Demigos knows how to target specific causes of readmission with software solutions and use technology to solve problems hospitals face.

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