As the Use of AI Spreads, Congress Looks to Rein It In

As the Use of AI Spreads, Congress Looks to Rein It In

Posted Sep 13, 2021 from via

Biden’s Office of Science and Technology Policy is working on addressing the risks of discrimination caused by algorithms. The National Defense Authorization Act passed in January introduced new support for AI projects, including a new White House office to coordinate AI research, but also required the Pentagon to assess the ethical dimensions of AI technology it acquires, and NIST to develop standards to keep the technology in check.

In the past three weeks, the Government Accountability Office, which audits US government spending and management and is known as Congress’ watchdog, released two reports warning that federal law enforcement agencies aren’t properly monitoring the use and potential errors of algorithms used in criminal investigations. One took aim at face recognition, the other at forensic algorithms for face, fingerprint, and DNA analysis; both were prompted by lawmaker requests to examine potential problems with the technology. A third GAO report laid out guidelines for responsible use of AI in government projects.

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