Google's Masterplan for Healthcare

Google's Masterplan for Healthcare

Posted Jul 28, 2021 from

Google in healthcare: with about 70,000 health-related searches per minute, the tech giant knows what people want. And it's ready to give them.

With 7% of Google searches – or 70,000 per minute – being health-related, it was only a matter of time before the search giant aimed to be a healthcare giant. Google hasn’t been particularly shy at expressing these ambitions either. It purchased Fitbit for $2.1 billion and had a dedicated healthcare offshoot from its A.I. branch, Deepmind.

In this new article series exploring the latest moves by tech giants into healthcare, we will look at recent developments coming from Google. Previous entries looked at the moves of Google’s competitors Amazon and Apple, and provided insights into the trends that those companies are adopting. For now, let’s turn our focus on Google’s plan for the future of healthcare. Of note, we will treat Google, Alphabet and Verily under the same umbrella. Alphabet is itself the parent company of Google, and Verily is a subsidiary of Alphabet that focuses on human health.

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