Not All EHR Are Created Equal

Not All EHR Are Created Equal

Having written about EMR and EHR software for 15 years, it’s amazing to think how far we’ve come.  When I first started writing about EMR software, we were also talking about putting high speed internet and wifi into the office as well.  Then, the HITECH Act provided $36 billion of stimulus money and required EHR certification.  In many ways these certifications gave physicians the impression that all EHRs are the same.  While this may be true from a certification standpoint, from a usability and feature standpoint, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Plus, many companies have pushed well past the EHR into other software that really makes a medical practice more efficient beyond the clinical documentation.

The reality in the world of EHR software is that there are companies who have spent the time and money to continue evolving their user interface and feature set and there are those that haven’t done so.  This was what came to mind when I sat down with Tim Costantino, VP, Head of Product at AdvancedMD, to talk about their suite of medical practice solutions including their EHR, Practice Management, and Patient Engagement solutions.

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