How Patient-Generated Data Contributes To Clinician Burnout

How Patient-Generated Data Contributes To Clinician Burnout

A new article published this past week in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association found that electronic health record-integrated patient-generated health data may create burdens for clinicians, leading to burnout.  

In particular, researchers from Northwestern University found that technostress, time pressure and workflow-related issues need to be addressed to accelerate the integration of patient-generated health data into clinical care.  

"Clinician burnout is not only a syndrome of emotional exhaustion, but also a type of cynicism about job responsibilities," wrote Jiancheng Ye, a PhD student at Northwestern University, in the article.  

"Burnout is a reaction marked by lacking the sense of accomplishment, feeling emotionally exhausted and experiencing depersonalization," Ye continued.  

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