AI technology detects ‘ticking time bomb’ arteries

AI technology detects ‘ticking time bomb’ arteries

The EU has approved an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can identify people at risk of a fatal heart attack, years before it strikes.

The CaRi-Heart technology, developed by British Heart Foundation (BFH) spinout company Caristo Diagnostics, utilises coronary CT angiogram (CTTA) scans already performed in clinical practice. 

It uses AI and deep-learning technology to produce a fat attenuation index score (FAI-Score), which accurately measures inflammation of blood vessels in and around the heart.

A BHF-funded study involving around 4,000 patients found those with an abnormal FAI were up to nine times more likely to die of a heart attack in the next nine years than those with normal FAI readings. 

It also found that around one third of patients initially considered low risk after a routine CCTA, had a much higher risk after CaRi-Heart was applied to their scan. 

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