Tech Giants’ Bet On Health A.I. And Telemedicine

Tech Giants’ Bet On Health A.I. And Telemedicine

In recent years, it has been clear that big tech companies like Google, Apple and Facebook want to have a lasting presence in the healthcare industry. It is not only a lucrative industry but also a means to gain trust among their users. 

Apple, Google and, of course, Facebook blatantly mishandled user data and/or featured vulnerabilities in their services that could compromise those data. The need to rebuild their public image becomes ever more pressing if they want to stay relevant in the tech industry; and one way to do so is through healthcare. 

To work on their public image they can couple their technological expertise with their user base to benefit the healthcare landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic offered one such possibility, with Google and Apple collaborating on a privacy-focused contact tracing app. But their ambitions extend beyond the pandemic, as we elaborated in our e-book. This article on the other hand aims to supplement the e-book with recent news and developments around trends that companies have adopted since we released it.

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