R2G Report: Digital diabetes market will be worth €1.3bn by 2024

R2G Report: Digital diabetes market will be worth €1.3bn by 2024

The new report from Research2Guidance (R2G) highlights the current state of the most developed digital health sector, locating service expansion into comorbidities as a key trend.
Digital health analysis and consultancy company Research2Guidance (R2G) have just released The Global Digital Diabetes Care Market 2020, the fourth edition of their biannual research report providing comprehensive analysis of the global digital diabetes market.

Diabetes care is one of the most developed and best funded sectors of digital health, with a total revenue of $320 million (€275M) in 2019. Since the last edition in 2018, it has grown substantially and the current report predicts a compound annual growth rate of 37%, leading to an estimated market revenue of over $1.5 billion (€1.3bn) by 2024. This surge will reflect an increase in the global addressable market, which Ralf Jahns, managing director of R2G, estimates will reach 180 million people by 2024, more than 20% of those with diabetes.
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