Will There Be A Second Wave Of COVID-19?
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Will There Be A Second Wave Of COVID-19?

In short? Yes, there most certainly will. Or, looking at it from another perspective, there might not be a second wave as the first one won’t end. In any case, which scenario is more probable depends on your country’s leadership and decisions and whether people will be compliant enough to go along with the restrictions. Because how governments are preparing for it over the next few weeks will be crucial in the fight against the pandemic.

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Health Information Exchange Sees Participation Surge Amid COVID-19

Ready access to patient data has been a common roadblock for providers and this issue has been especially apparent during COVID-19. To lessen this burden, HealtHIE Nevada, the state’s health information exchange (HIE), wanted to give clinicians full access without barriers to patient data. Michael Gagnon, executive director of HealtHIE, and his team decided to give this access to providers who had not yet signed up for the service. Because the statewide HIE had recently connected to the Southern Nevada health district and to the Nevada State Public Health Lab, HealtHIE had the ability to incorporate the health district’s reporting, as well as getting COVID-19 tests from the Nevada State Public Health Lab.