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The Present And Future Of Digital Pills
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The Present And Future Of Digital Pills

Flicking your wrist as your smartwatch nudges you, you find a notification alerting that it’s time to take your digital pill. You grab one from your smart medicine pack, alert your GP, and ingest it with a glass of water. Thereafter, the pill broadcasts a real-time video stream as it goes down your oesophagus and into your stomach. Your GP is simultaneously monitoring the visuals, assessing the progression of your ulcer. 

Afterwards, you have a video call with your GP who reassures you of the ulcer’s healing. She also notes that the digital pill contains your personalised medicine 3D-printed onto it and it will slowly get activated with your stomach’s activity. Before leaving, she reminds you to stick to the prescribed treatment plan for the best outcome. It’s a nice reminder that she’ll be monitoring your adherence via the pill’s tracking sensor.

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Here on The Medical Futurist site we often show snippets of the future we imagine for healthcare. In this vision that we often dub as a utopia, we envision healthcare to be invisible, seamless and preventive. COVID-19 brought us much closer to what we had foreseen (from telemed solutions and robots to A.I.), and these changes also made doctors feel the need to change. But, of course, it’s not as easy as that.