How to Calculate the Elusive ROI for Care Management

How to Calculate the Elusive ROI for Care Management

Posted Jun 28, 2021 from

As healthcare providers move more deeply into risk, many are focusing more intently on trying to calculate the return on investment (ROI) from care management programs.

Care management also generates value on investment (VOI) – tangible outlying or downstream results that are not immediately attributable to the specific actions of care management or care managers. These are equally important in evaluating the impact of a care management program.

Given the rampant variation across health systems, there are likely to be a range of challenges when it comes to populating data for these domains. To that end, organizations should deploy a structured approach to fill in the data for these domains and ultimately set the stage to calculate an ROI.

The aim is to create a valid measurement methodology comprehensive enough to truly evaluate a return (both monetary and non-monetary) that is tied to payer contracts and system goals. 

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