Life after COVID19: What Will Change? -

Radhika Narayanan Posted Apr 22, 2020


Life after COVID19: What Will Change? -

The news is ripe with information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. We saw the number of confirmed cases is plummeting in countries like South Korea. In a surprise move, Apple and Google teamed up to help track the virus. Some countries are even thinking of lifting their lockdowns altogether. Yes, that’s the good news we’re all looking forward to: when this will be finally behind us.

Let’s have no doubt about it, this will come to an end, like we discussed in a recent article. We will have a vaccine and new, approved treatments based on millions of patients’ data. We will have new public health protocols too for how to prevent another calamity of this scale. These are for sure.

However, what’s also for sure is that the life that we get back to will be significantly different from the one we had before the outbreak. From healthcare workers suffering from PTSD through new habits to a need for a shift in the point-of-care, we analyze how life will, can and should change post-COVID-19 in a medical point of view.

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