There are tremendous pressures to balance better patient outcomes with a healthier bottom line. By combining all your data and making it easy to explore, Qlik delivers the valuable insights you need to navigate that complex balance and make smarter decisions more quickly. Qlik combines internal and external data in one place to give you a comprehensive view of your patients or a specific population so you can target people most at-risk for health problems.

ComCast Business

Healthcare organizations are migrating from printed to electronic records to meet 21st century patient and regulatory demands. This increase in information storage, plus the retrieval of patient records and imaging data requires increasingly large amounts of bandwidth. Healthcare organizations are challenged to meet these demands while controlling costs and providing the highest quality care.

FHIR Clinical Data Repository

FHIR Clinical Data Repository No need to build your own CDR. We have one for you. USE THE DATA. IT’S YOURS. Isn’t it about time you start making more meaningful use of the data that has been entered by hundreds of doctors, nurses and patients, in dozens of systems, day after day, year after year? FHIR was built to unleash the power of data in healthcare. A Clinical Data Repository based on FHIR is open and standardized, whereas most of your back-end systems and apps are proprietary and closed.

The Guardian™ Connect CGM System

Help Your Patients Outsmart Diabetes The ONLY Smart CGM system that helps patients on multiple daily injections(MDI) outsmart highs and lows. Using smart technology to predict where glucose levels are headed, the system alerts patients from 10 to 60 minutes before a glucose excursion, so they can take action in advance. Smart CGM Alerts With the Power of Prediction The only CGM system that can alert your patients of potential highs and lows up to 60 minutes in advance.

Lumiata AI Studio

Model Library Access to a library of pre-trained cost prediction models for healthcare use cases. Quickly get access to high-performing predictions to support your organizational needs. ​ Custom Models Highly customizable models designed to help customers achieve their machine learning tasks. Predictions are easily accessible via APIs or Lumiata’s user-facing application. ML Model Toolkit Self-service tools to quickly build machine learning models without deep Data Science expertise. Automatically develop model features, generate high-performing models, and fine tune your models using relevant parameters.


Doc.Ai puts the power of your health data where it belongs - in your hands to unlock personalized health insights and accelerate medical research for all. Your health in one place From the daily step activity in your Apple Health Kit, to the lab-work that exists in hospitals, you can conveniently view siloed health data in one transparent and secure location. Predict what can be prevented Join crowd-backed research to unlock personalized health predictions, with an assurance that your unique circumstances have been taken into account.

Analytics for Healthcare

Healthcare data analytics ranges from basic statistical summaries of data and inferences to advanced predictive models. These models help to gain insight into disease progression and they support of the process of selecting the right treatment for individual patients. Statistical methods used include: Prediction Quantitative analysis Pattern matching Structured data analysis Identification of abnormal patterns Processing large time-series data Regression analysis Unsupervised / supervised learning Descriptive / inferential statistics Risk stratification Statistical analysis of large historical One factor that these methods have in common is that they reveal patterns in data, and from these patterns, inferences can be made to support decisions.

Data Capture

Collect data for multiple service lines in one independent, relational, patient-centric, procedure oriented clinical repository including: Cardiology, Electrophysiology, CV Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Chest Pain, HF, Stroke, & more. Always keeping the client in mind, heartbase has developed a groundbreaking browser-based user interface with innovative and exciting features. With full tablet support, immediate access to full data definitions, real-time audit checks & integration between all modules- data capture has never been so easy.

Reports & Analytics

MedicaSoft’s reporting and analytics capabilities help organizations deliver performance and accountability reporting while creating new data driven insights and business opportunities. Our platform will help save you valuable time and resources, optimize your entitled reimbursements, and support your future business decisions with trusted, actionable, quality data. REAL-TIME DATA ANALYSIS Deliver information when and where you need it to optimize your workflows and maximize your revenue streams. CLOUD-BASED & SECURE Cloud-based solutions that securely store and manage all of your data so you don’t have to worry about data loss or breaches.

SDOH Management

The Most Comprehensive Solution to Mitigate Social Determinants Understanding the factors that affect your population health can be tricky. With Innovaccer, help your patients find community services, track social needs, and coordinate care across the continuum to radically improve the health of the people you serve. Features: CURATE Collect a number of insights into your patients’ education, economic situation, living conditions, and more. Additionally, the multiple language support ensures that there are fewer barriers between care teams and their patients.