Merge Cardio™

Merge Cardio™ An image and information management system that supports all cardiology modalities Merge Cardio allows you to access and manage your patients’ digital integrated cardiovascular records from a centralized, web-enabled system, anywhere, any time. Our Best in KLAS cardiology solution improves patient management through a built-in report generation and distribution process, and increases the speed of reimbursements by automating the capture of professional and technical charges. Explore Merge Cardio and discover how you can focus more on patient care and less on paper and process.

IBM iConnect Access

IBM iConnect Access Aggregating image access and exchange, with rich collaboration IBM iConnect Access is a true zero download web viewer, available in any browser. Clinical data in its native format is aggregated from multiple sources to a ‘single pane of glass,’ with diagnostic quality real-time collaboration capabilities. By combining image exchange tools with the universal viewer, images can be shared throughout the enterprise or around the world with easy-to-use tools and on a powerful, scalable platform.

Ahi QA and Ahi Lobby™

Patient registration and quality assurance solutions for providers who want to improve data accuracy and optimize patient flow. Help Improve Patient Registration Accuracy Identify errors in real time immediately after a registration is complete. With Ahi QA, your staff can verify the information with the patient while they are still right in front of them. Correct errors as they occur to help reduce the need for additional staff members to perform manual registration and QA audits.

DrChrono OnPatient Portal

Securely communicate with your patients through the OnPatient Portal and give them the power to take an active role in their managing their health. With the patient portal, patients can also set up appointments and pay bills online. Reduce no-shows with automated reminders and improve your revenue. With the OnPatient Portal, you have a tool that allows you to have direct access to your patients at any level you choose to.

Allscripts® Community Care

A fully integrated EHR as a service for community hospital needs. That’s Allscripts Community Care. Why Allscripts Community Care? The challenges healthcare organizations are facing today are numerous. Today’s community hospitals are struggling with increasing complexity, limited resources, and increasing operating costs. Your organization needs a fully-supported solution that can work with a single platform across clinical, financial, and ambulatory care settings, so your care teams can get the right information at the right time, resulting in the right decisions.


Clinical Design LAUNCHING 2019 URINE TESTING SYSTEM™ DIGITAL POINT-OF-CARE URINE TESTING Clinical Design research, develop and produce medical devices. Working intensively alongside clinicians, the company seeks to improve care, efficacy and performance through technological innovation and intelligent design. Launching in early 2019, their Urine Testing System™ is the most hygienic, easy-to-use and accurate digital point-of-care urine test. This highly-intuitive closed system is designed to improve the entire process from patient collection and recording results, to analysis in the laboratory.

Smart Practice Management

DrChrono understands that each practice is different. Unlike other electronic health record platforms, DrChrono offers an integrated practice management software that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your practice, the way your practice needs it. Whether small or big, create the practice you’ve dreamt of and equip yourself with the EHR system that improves patient engagement and their experience. You will soon be able to bypass various redundant tasks and realize significant productivity improvement.

Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics A healthcare analytics solution for providers that want to leverage financial, clinical, and operational data to improve quality, reduce cost and risk, and streamline processes. Decrease Costs and Provide Effective Care Manage key performance metrics by transforming data across care settings into pertinent, actionable information. Support insight-driven decisions with self-service business intelligence. Transform your culture into a data-driven learning organization with intuitive tools to help identify high-value opportunities.

The DrChrono EMR

The DrChrono EMR is built to be fully customizable for your practice’s specific needs. From inception, mobility was a central value. The DrChrono EMR has the unrivaled ability to be accessible from anywhere at any time. The native iPad software allows you to spend more time interacting with a patient and less time on a computer. With a cloud-based system and full integration across mobile devices, you can now provide healthcare on-demand with the most innovative tools currently available.

Rapid Response Analytics Solution

Developing analytics insights can be time-intensive. Analysts spend large amounts of time repeating tasks like integrating data and developing basic calculations, often yielding inconsistent results. Additionally, communication cycles between analysts and subject matter experts can be time-consuming and frustrating. Solution Overview The Rapid Response Analytics Solution is a collection analytics infrastructure components that provide reusable, curated, customizable analytics building blocks called DOS Marts and a visual builder tool called Population Builder that allows population definitions to be created and shared without the use of complex SQL.